Main information about the festival

DATES 12/12/2016 – 15/12/2016
PLACE ITMO University campus
ADDRESS Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova st., 9
CONTACT PERSON IN RUSSIA Julia Kostinikova,, +7 (981) 833-42-72


We need the following information about you to make invitation letters:

  1. Scan of your passport
  2. Completed questionnaire included the following:
    • Full name (as in Passport).
    • Place of permanent residency (country, city).
    • City and country of birth.
    • Name of your university and its address.
    • The city where you are going to apply for visa (The Russian diplomatic mission in the country of your residence where the visa will be applied for, e.g., Russian Consulate in Seattle).

The team captain must collect the data from each person from the team and send all files together to the contact person. Please write as the subject of email: “IFSE Invitation letters. TEAM NAME”.


Pease note hotels location. We suggest you to choose one of those that are close to  ITMO University campus on Lomonosova st., 9. You can ask contact person for help with booking.

For example, here are some hotels. The cost of each is around 1 000 RUB per night:


Rubinshteiyna Street 23, Tsentralny district, 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Fontanka 64 Mini Hotel         

Neberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 64, Tsentralny district, 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Fontanka 58 Mini Hotel

Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 58, Tsentralny district, 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia


This is how to get the city center from the Pulkovo airport:


  1. Vezet” 8(812)318-0-318
  2. Yandex taxi
  3. Taxovichkof” 8(812)330-00-02

Bus and Metro:

  1. Bus №39, 39э. To the station “Moskovskaya metro station” 30 RUB
  2. Metro, Saint-Petersburg metro map. One ticket (jetton) costs 35 RUB.



Russia is lasting throw 11 time zones. The local time: GMT +3 hours.


Official currency is Rubble. 1 Rubble consists of 100 Kopecks.
We recommend you to bring your money in euro. Exchange offices are open every day twenty-four hours and you definitely find at least one near a metro station. Please use banks or exchange offices solely.
Exchange rate (September 2016)
1 USD = 65 RUB
1 Euro = 73 RUB

Average prices

Moscow metro (one trip) – 50 rubles
Moscow ground transportation (bus, tram, trolley bus) – 30-40 rubles
Saint Petersburg metro (one trip) – 35 rubles
Saint Petersburg ground transportation (bus, tram, trolley bus) – 25-40 rubles
Plain water (0.5 l) – 20-50 rubles
Dinner at a cafe/canteen – 300 – 500 rubles.


The climate of Russia is rather various because of huge territory of the country, however on the most part of territory it is continental or moderately continental with long cold winter and short not hot summer.
Normal temperature in December for the northwestern part is about –10 – +2 degrees and is very changeable. Before you are leaving, we strongly recommend you to check the weather throw the net.


Migration card you will get in a plane, train or in the airport. You have to fill it in (two parts) and give it together with your passport in the custom, the customer will put stamp on it and give you back one part of the card. This is very important document! Please, don’t lose it till the end of your staying in Russia. Because when you go back home, you have to show it at the border again.

For filling the migration card you should write the name of organization and address of your project. You can find it at the top of the first page.

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