Results of the first Festival day

News on 12 Dec , 2016

Today is the first day of the Festival and it was full of bright activities. How to present your project? This question disturb every team and it is not so easy to answer on it as it can be seemed. Archie Holton talked about the way of how emotions can change your presentation. Team leaders just stood in classroom and tried to prove the necessity of their projects and to attract investors. You should not have any doubt and be ready right now, because you can meet your investor just on the street.

Julia Kostinikova (Organizer) “I do really happy to see the huge number of participants who are interested in social entrepreneurship. I believe that the first day is a strong start for our big competition for the further 3 days.”

The participants learned some typical elevator pitch modules and prepared speech for the game that will be tomorrow. A clear understanding of the project and loving your ideas  are very important components of any speech.


Archie Holton (Instructor at UCLA for Social Entrepreneurship, Expert in Social Entrepreneurship, Academies for Social Entrepreneurship) shared his impressions and expectations: “Day was productive and bright. It is absolutely hard to find one approach for all project from different countries, but this festival is really good activity to show the possibility of integration a commercial component in social projects”.

Participants enjoyed a familiarity and unforgettable atmosphere of the game “Knowledge owner” in the evening. Not only knowledge of different cultures but also information about books, movies and music were useful in this game. Ovations and laugh did not stop during the game while teams were guessing correct answers.