Origin of the Festival

News on 8 Dec , 2016

It’s only a few days before the Festival, and it’s time to know history of origin, and also about expectations of the organizers from the Festival. Despite intense preparation, director of Center of Social Design and Entrepreneurship of ITMO University, one of the main organizers, Andrei A. Zlenko, answered a few questions.

- Please, tell us, how do you have an idea about this festival?
- In 2015, cooperating with the University of California in Los Angeles, we exchanged our experience with each other in development of student competences of social entrepreneurship. We had a different view on it. And because of this we had idea to organize event for students from different countries for exchanging their experience in realization of social projects. And we did it. It’s the second year when on base of ITMO University students from different countries come for communication and representations of their best social projects.

There are many difficulties in any projects, but organization team finds the solution. The Festival is not an exception. According to Andrei A. Zlenko, the main problem is searching participants. One year ago, there were 3 countries, this year, these are already 6 countries.

According to Andrei A. Zlenko, the team of the Center of Social Design and Entrepreneurship of ITMO University, and also students from the Student’s voluntary center work on the project. There is a student, the finalist of a competition of social projects for school students “People need you!“, who take a part in organization of the Festival.

- What kind of opportunities can give participation in this festival to students and why it can be interesting for them?
- Firstly, it’s a good opportunity for them to know about ideas of social projects, which are priorities in one or another country. Secondly, it’s a great experience of international relations. Even after the festival students communicate with each other and also consult with experts of festival about their social working. And the main thing is that participants of festival can know opinions of international level experts about their projects.

The organization team of the Festival already looks forward to participants and hope that 4 days of the Festival will pass with advantage, and weather in St. Petersburg will wonderful.