The International Camp «Ecological raids 2016»

News on 18 Aug , 2016

The International Camp «Ecological raids» was held in the Training and Sports Recreation Complex of ITMO University «Yagodnoe» from 28th July to 14th August. 39 participants from France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Belarus, Taiwan and Russia took part in the educational program «Social design in environmental volunteering».

Participants were divided into teams. Every team created an idea of the project, outlined the tasks, chose personal implementation roles and also assessed other projects. Ecology was the general issue for all projects but every project was aimed at solving different problems.


The first team modeled the device for collecting rainwater to use it in the household needs (washing floors or windows) and to reduce water use. Another team was interested in alternative sources of energy. Therefore they created and held an educational quest for other teams that included water mills from plastic bottles, potato and apple battery, windmills and their demonstration. But it was not the only one educational project. One team drew motivational posters and made bins for separated waste collection in the camp. There were two more projects. One was about recycling food surplus from the canteen – they created a compost pit, and another was about creating flower beds of wooden garbage.

Within two weeks the participants not only designed their projects but also partially or fully implemented them.
Lectures on social planning were prepared and held by the managers of the ITMO University Center of Social Design and Entrepreneurship. The camp partners also spoke about some interesting environmental projects, food sharing and environment protection.

All participants will work out on their projects and are planning to present the business development concept of these projects at the International Festival of Social Entrepreneurship on 12–15th December 2016 in Saint–Petersburg.